The efforts of the Algerian state to transform into a digital economy - great ‎ambitions and modest achievements

مجهودات الدولة الجزائرية للتوجه نحو الاقتصاد الرقمي- طموحات كبيرة وإنجازات متواضعة



digital‏ ‏economy, information and communication technology, infrastructure, Algerian state


This study reveals the reality of the digital orientation in Algeria through the efforts made to achieve a sound ‎transition, and based on a conceptual problem, through which we try to theoretically root the concept of the digital ‎economy and the challenges it faces, which resulted in the Algerian state making the efforts entrusted to it and what It must ‎be achieved, and accordingly we aim to know the extent to which importance is given to the digital orientation in the visions ‎of the Algerian government. Long-term strategies and updating the necessary laws while strengthening its infrastructure.‎


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