The future of the Accounting Profession under Digital Transformation Techniques - Block chain technology model -

مستقبل مهنة المحاسبة في ظل تقنيات التحول الرقمي -تقنية البلوكشين نموذجا



Accounting Profession, Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation Technologies, Block Chain Technology


In this study, we tried to identify the most important digital transformation technique and their impact on the accounting profession, highlighting the technical Block Chain and the impact of their use in the accounting profession, and highlight what technology can offer the accounting profession. We concluded from this study that the use of Block Chain technology in the accounting profession helps to improve and develop the quality of the accountant’s performance and improve the efficiency of the accounting workflow by providing more data detailed in real time. It will also reduce the risk of fraud and improve the accuracy of financial reporting and the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting activities.


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