Global tourism and the Covid-19 crisis Current influences and future prospects

السياحة العالمية وأزمة كوفيد 19 التأثيرات الحالية والآفاق المستقبلية


  • Benaouda HASASNI University of Oran 02, Algeria



tourism, covid 19, economic development, health measures


This research aims to study the effects of the global health crisis Covid-19 on the tourism sector, and what are the challenges of the sector to face in the future, and this through the study of tourist indices before the appearance of the pandemic, as well as the increase in the number of tourists, global tourism incomes, and the main tourist destinations. By evoking the effects of the health crisis on tourist indices, following the closure of borders, the prohibition of intertwining, and the introduction of social distancing measures. The study concludes that the current health crisis has dramatically influenced the tourism, the countries economy, and the lives of individuals and societies, that is why we must apply the procedures recommended by health experts to recover quickly from the effects of this pandemic


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