Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Fintech Companies and Their Legal Status

آليات التمويل المبتكرة لشركات التكنولوجيا المالية ووضعها القانوني


  • Wahiba ABDERRAHIM Tamanrasset university center, Algeria
  • Sabah ABDERRAHIM University of Ouargla, Algeria



Fintech, Innovative financing methods, Legal status


The emergence of fintech and the orientation of entrepreneurs towards this newly emerging sector has resulted in the emergence of innovative financing mechanisms for emerging companies, as it is a competitive sector for banks and far from traditional financing mechanisms, as private sector enterprises have directed towards developing financing methods that pass through several stages.  In addition, the creation of any sector that has an economic and social impact requires legalization. Therefore, this sector faces legal challenges represented in the necessity to provide a legal basis.
For fintech activities with its various branches such as lending via Internet


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