Instructions for authors

Publishing at Journal of AL MAYADINE AL IKTISSADIA (JMI) is totally free of charges, According to the following policy:


Article Processing Charges (APCs): Free.

Submission Charges: Free.

1- Préparation of article

Please prepare your manuscript before submission, using the following guidelines:

  • The article must be attached by name of the author, his status or rank, the affiliate institution, postal and electronic address of the contact point. (We recommend researchers to obtain ORCID registration)
  • The article should not be an integral part of a master's or doctoral thesis; Or previously published (Review of Publication Ethics and Plagiarism Policies)
  • Submit articles according to the existing template on the Journal website, in WORD format, without any coding.
  • Authors must adhere to the template without any modification to its technical characteristics, and not exceed 20 pages including the annexes.
  • Submission of abstract in English, the later cannot be more than 150 words, accompanied by key words within a maximum of five. For clarification on this point please visit the following links:

  • Article Format:

The text should be drafted with:

- Arabic: Sakkal Majalla Font size 14;

- Latin: Times New Roman Font size 12;

- Line spacing of 1cm.

- Figures, tables and drawings are numbered sequentially & individually.

- Optional data and information to the text, but that help to a better understanding of the article must be attached as Annex.

  • Referencing Style

The methodology adopted in the citation is according to the American Psychological Association method (APA), this is done automatically in the WORD program (see the link:

 In order to make things easy for the authors; the journal suggests a model prepared according to the publication conditions, which can be downloaded it directly from journal website.

Template in Arabic Template in English


2- Submission of article

We invite the authors, desiring to publish their articles in the journal to have access to the Algerian scientific journal platform (ASJP).If the authors do not possess an account, they should subscribe to the ASJP.

The subscription and access are necessary to permit to the authors to submit and follow their articles through the platform of the journal.

A very important note: Once a article is submitted the author/authors must wait the final outcome of the peer review process before submitting a new article for evaluation.

3- Evaluation procedures

- All research articles submitted to al mayadine al iktissadia Journal  for publication are subjected to a double-blind, peer review process.

- Research articles are initially reviewed by the editorial board in order to decide whether they abide by the publishing rules; hence are eligible for reviewing.  .The editor may reject them either because they are irrelevant to the scope and subject matter of the journals or because they are visibly of a low quality so that they cannot be considered at all.

- The Editorial Board retains the right of refusing an article without disclosing the reasons.

- Research articles that are deemed eligible for review are sent to at least two reviewers that are experts in the field of the submitted article. The reviewers of a paper shall be unknown to each other. They are required to decide whether the article is publishable immediately, publishable with minor changes, publishable with major changes, or not publishable at all.

- The reviewers' reports are to be sent to the editor and their comments are forwarded to the author(s) for feedback, After assessment, the submitted article can be presented in three cases:

Case 1: admission of the article;

Case 2: rejection of article;

Case 3: article admitted under reserves; The article can be sent again after taking into consideration the remarks presented by the reviewers and editorial board.

- Letters of apology shall be sent to authors whose papers have not been accepted for publication.

Note: The assessment can last two to three months in the average, according to the deadline giving to the reviewers.

4- Publish the article

In order for the article to be published after it is accepted.

1- Inclusion of references:

The author must include the references used in the article, as follows:        

  • Journal articles;
  • Intervention Forum
  • Thesis;
  • Book;
  • Chapter book;
  • Web page;
  • Report

2- Copyright Agreement

If the article is accepted for publication in the Journal of al mayadine al iktissadia, the author must sign an agreement on  of copyright. The agreement is sent to the mail address (scanned copy) of the journal editions.

Copyright in Arabic Copyright in English

The issue is published on 31/December of each year

The copyrights of all papers published in this journal are retained by the respective authors as per the Creative Commons Attribution License. Creative Commons License
The Journal of Al-Mayadine Al-Iktissadia (JMI) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial license (CC BY-NC 4.0).